Hair Hacks To Beat The Heat

Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your look go on vacation too. Blistering summer heat can do easily dismantle what could have been a good look, whether it’s the suns rays that dry out your hair and leave it looking frizzy and chaotic, or the sweat deflating your perfectly styled hair and leaving it as a droopy, damp mess. That’s why the style experts here at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens are here to help you look great when the season that everyone loves so much is trying to sabotage your style. Here are some helpful hair hacks that will help you beat the heat this summer so you can always look your best.


Let Your Hair Air Dry

Whether you just got out of the shower or took a dip in the pool to cool off, skip drying your hair as you towel off. While you may not like your hair being soaking wet for now, don’t worry, the heat will dry it out soon enough. If you do towel dry your hair, you’re wicking away all of that valuable moisture that is so important to prevent your hair from being totally dried out by the heat and it becoming frizzy. If you absolutely must dry your hair a little bit, you can gently pat it dry or even use a blowdryer in short bursts.


Extra Moisture Never Hurts!

As you go outside this summer and the sun beats down on your head, your hair is taking in all that heat and constantly losing moisture. While putting some product in your hair or by getting it wet, your hair will retain that moisture to combat the heat, but to prevent your hair from every getting dried out and fragile, adding in some extra moisture wouldn’t hurt! There are tons of different types of hair products out there that function as moisturizers, but we recommend finding one that has Keratin, which is a special protein that will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.


Water-Soluble Products & Summer Don’t Mix

While you may love that water-soluble pomade or cream that you use every day to get your hair looking just right, but you probably won’t love it as much as you start to sweat in the summer heat and all of that product start to drip down your face. Not only is runny hair product feel gross as it melts, it will also leave your hair looking completely flat. To avoid this, opt for some non-water soluble hair products instead like hair sprays or gels, which will be able to keep your hair in place more reliably, even in intense heat.


Contact 18|8 PBG For More Hair Tips!

If you’re running into hair problems this summer thanks to the heat, just contact us at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens, FL and we’ll be able to help you out. Whether you’re looking for a new hair product, some more summer hair hacks, or even a new style before your vacation goes into full swing, just stop by our salon and we’ll take care of the rest. Making sure you look your best at all times is what we do, so book your appointment by giving us a call at 561-567-0088 or using our easy online reservation system Don’t let the summer heat destroy your style and visit us today!