How to Prevent Razor Burn

Preventing Razor Burn Tips

No one likes that persistent and painful tingling of razor burn after your daily shave. Some guys may just accept razor burn as part of their daily routine, since what else would you expect to happen when you run a sharp blade over your skin on a regular basis, right? However, the truth is that that painful sensation is simply a result of a lack of patience and preparation before you shave and is entirely preventable almost one hundred percent of the time if you preface your shave with a few simple steps. Courtesy of 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon, your men’s grooming destination in Palm Beach Gardens, here is a step-by-step guide on how to prevent razor burn.

Prep Your Skin

Proper skin preparation is a crucial step in achieving a close and comfortable shave. When you go to your local PBG barber for a straight-shave, there’s a reason our expert barbers put a hot lather on your face. It is more than just a traditional ritual; it also serves an important function. The warmth from the lather helps to open up your pores, while the moisture softens your facial hair. This combination ensures that when the razor passes over your skin, it can easily cut through the hairs without snagging on any dry or coarse strands.

To mimic this professional experience at home, start by splashing your face with hot water or pressing a warm damp towel against your skin for a few minutes before shaving. This will help relax and open up the pores while also hydrating the hairs, making them less resistant to cutting. For an even better shave, apply some pre-shave oil after warming up your skin. The oil conditions the hair further and provides an additional layer of protection between the blade and your skin, reducing friction and minimizing any potential irritation.

Use A Clean, Simple Razor

With disposable razors, you’ll may have noticed that every time you see a commercial for a new model that it has two or three more blades that the previous one. These constant “upgrades” for razors have led to a misconception that more blades make for a better shave, but it’s actually the opposite. A simple razor with one or two blades is what you want to get the best shave with the least amount of razor burn and irritation. Also make sure that it’s clean, since no one wants a small cut to get infected just because you used a dirty razor.

Let’s take a two-blade razor as an example. These razors are often designed so the first blade lifts the hair and pulls it a tiny bit further out of the pore, and the second blade follows through by cutting the hair. When you add more blades into that equation, all you’re doing is repeating that process. For four blade razors, the third blade tries to lift any hair that’s remaining after the initial is cut, and the fourth blade is there to cut off the remnants. In the end, you just have more, sharp blades running across your skin and causing irritation while not getting a closer shave.

Take It Slow & Steady

Shaving is all about precision, which can be achieved by being patient with your shaving strokes. Shaving isn’t a race, so just take your time when gliding the razor over your face. If you miss a few hairs, it doesn’t mean you messed up or you need to press harder because it’s just something that will happen no matter what. Just go back with the same gentle approach and do another pass until your skin is perfectly smooth.

Splash On Some Cold Water Or Post-Shave Balm

Post-shave care is essential to maintaining healthy skin after you’ve finished shaving. The use of hot water and pre-shave oil initially helps to open your pores and soften the hairs for a smoother shave. However, once you’re done with the razor, it’s important to remove any residual oil or loose hairs that may have settled into your pores. Rinsing your face with cold water not only cleanses these remnants away but also helps to close the pores, safeguarding them against dirt and other impurities.

Applying a post-shave balm is another beneficial step in this routine. It serves as a protective layer over your skin, sealing the pores while keeping out unwanted oils and debris. This ensures that your skin remains clean and fresh throughout the day.

Understanding And Preventing Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Pseudofolliculitis barbae, a condition more commonly known among the public as severe razor bumps, affects a significant portion of individuals with curly hair, including up to 60 percent of African American men. This condition arises when shaved hairs curl back into the skin, leading to inflammation, bumps, and sometimes painful ingrown hairs. Unlike typical razor burn, which is temporary, pseudofolliculitis barbae can necessitate medical intervention if it becomes severe. To mitigate the risk of developing this condition, it’s advisable to adopt a shaving routine that includes the use of a non-comedogenic cleanser, a moisturizing shaving cream, and the application of a cool, damp washcloth post-shave. Additionally, incorporating chemical exfoliants into your skincare regimen can help by preventing ingrown hairs. For those already suffering from this condition, treatments range from over-the-counter solutions like hydrocortisone cream to professional medical advice.

The Role Of Astringent Liquids In Soothing Razor Burn

In the quest to alleviate the discomfort of razor burn, astringent liquids emerge as a formidable ally. These natural solutions, including witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil, possess properties that significantly reduce inflammation and redness. By applying these liquids directly to the affected area or incorporating them into a cold compress, one can experience immediate relief. It’s important to note, however, that while these remedies are effective for soothing razor burn, they should be used with caution on sensitive skin types. Always perform a patch test or dilute the astringent with water to prevent further irritation.

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