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For guys, skin care is often not too high on the priority list, but it should be. It’s your body’s first line of defense from the elements, and your skin takes a beating on such a regular basis that can leave it looking and feeling like it’s in pretty bad shape if you don’t care for it. Add on top of that a regular shave routine that can cause skin irritation, and you have a situation on your hands that needs some serious care and attention.

However, if you want skin that’s soft to the touch and looks perfectly smooth so you look like a classy, well-groomed gentleman, than there two things you need to do. First is start to establish an at home skin care routine. Second, schedule an appointment for a professional facial and skin treatment at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens. Even the best home skin care routine won’t give your skin the deep clean and revitalizing treatment that it needs, so just visit our men’s salon and let one of our professional men’s grooming experts do the work for you!

Men's Facials

18|8 SkinMetics Treatment

Men’s skin has unique needs to stay healthy compared to women’s skin, which is why we crafted our Skinmetics treatment to cater specifically to what guys needs to keep their skin looking and feeling great. We start with a deep cleaning that washes away dirt and oil that’s accumulated on the surface of your skin and in your pores. We then move on to exfoliation will rid your skin of impurities and leave it perfectly clean, and then to hydration that will give your skin the essential moisture, vitamins, and minerals so it’s not dry and easily irritated. Since stress can also have a negative effect on your skin, we help you relax with a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. In just 45 minutes, we’ll make your face and skin feel completely revitalized.

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If you’re looking for a facial and skin treatment that is perfect for guys, there’s no better place to go than to a true fine men’s salon, 18|8 PBG. To schedule your appointment for our Skinmetics treatment, or any of our other professional salon and barbershop services, just contact us by phone at (561) 567-0088 or by using our online booking form. We make it easy for the men of Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and the surrounding areas to look their best and feel even better!