Palm Beach Gardens’ New Modern Barbershop

18|8 Palm Beach Gardens Men's Salon

Having a place where you can escape to is any man’s dream, leaving behind all of your worries from the day. While men will probably have different preferences to what their ideal sanctuary will look like and what it will have in it, what truly makes it one is that its a place where they can go to unwind, be themselves, and indulge in something enjoyable, whether its their favorite hobby to simply having a drink while watching some TV. Unfortunately, most guys don’t have the luxury of being able to transform an entire room of a house just for themselves. While you may think that your “mantuary” will only exist in your dreams, what if there’s already a place out there that was made just for you?

Barbershop or Men’s Salon? 18|8 Is Both.

At 18|8 PBG, we’ve created the ultimate sanctuary for you, meaning that you don’t need to pay a fortune to create your own manspace or cave, just so you can find a little relaxation.

Imagine that you walk through the door only to be greeted with a refreshing beverage with your name on it and comfortable couch that you can sit back and sink into. You look up and the game is playing on a big screen TV in front of you, and you let the stress just melt off of you. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty great experience? Well it’s also only the first part of your appointment here at 18|8 PBG.

After that, the only thing that we could think of that would take your standard manspace experience and raise it to the next level is being pampered with some professional service. That’s where our expert barbers and stylists come in to provide you with a wide range of grooming services, from the perfect haircut to a extra-close straight razor shave, complete with some neck, scalp, and shoulder massages to make sure you reach that ultimate state of relaxation.

Make Your Appointment & Discover Our Modern Barbershop Experience

If you’re looking for a modern barbershop experience, look no further than 18|8 PBG. We offer a luxurious and relaxing experience with professional men’s salon services at the hands of experts trained specifically in men’s grooming, complete with all of the necessities of any men’s sanctuary, including complimentary drinks, comfortable couches in our waiting area, and big-screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. If you’re ready to book your appointment, just contact us at (561) 567-0088 or book your reservation conveniently online. We look forward to providing you with that ultimate barbershop experience you’ve been dreaming of!