Straight-Razor Shaves

Classic Barber Shaves in Palm Beach Gardens

At 18|8 Palm Beach Gardens, we pride ourselves on providing the best straight razor shaves you’ll find in the area. Many gentlemen haven’t yet experienced the luxury of a straight razor shave and to those of you who find yourselves in that category, all we have to say to you is: you’re in for a treat! Stop by our Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter barbershop sometime and see what you’ve been missing out on all these years!

Straight-Razor Shaves

Classic Straight Razor Shave

Our straight razor shaves aren’t just a service – they’re an experience! We’ve brought back the old-fashioned straight razor shaves and modified it with a bit of a modern touch that makes it perfect for the new-age gentleman.

Classic Shave Includes:

A hot towel treatment that will cleanse your face and open up your pores. A hot lather that will moisturize your skin and soften your beard. Our unbelievably-close straight razor shave. A relaxing hot towel finish to refresh and rejuvenate you.

One of the great things about our straight razor shaves is that they’re not just able to give you one of the closest shaves you’ll find – they also act as a type of men’s facial. These shaves won’t just remove your hair, but they’ll also exfoliate your skin as well. What this will do is force the regeneration of new skin cells and also stimulate the production of collagen deeper within your skin. If you decide to come back and experience our straight razor shaves a few more times, you’ll find that your skin will end up being noticeably smoother, firmer, and more wrinkle-free. We hope you’ll stop by to see us here at 18|8 Palm Beach Gardens to experience this luxurious treatment!

Executive Shave with Mini Facial

Classic Shave plus a rejuvenating face treatment including face cleanser & rejuvenating moisture treatment.

Head Shave

Our 18|8 Head Shave includes a scalp-cleansing shampoo, a neck massage, a hot towel steam + lather, and straight-edge blade with cold towel finish.

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If you’re looking for a straight razor shave in PBG, you’ve come to the right place! Feel free to schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call at (561) 567-0088 or by filling out our simple online form. We’re looking forward to seeing you and giving you your closest shave yet!