Summer Skin Care Routine

It’s getting hotter and hotter outside, which can only mean one thing: summer is here! The season of vacations, ice-cold treats, beach days, and dips in the pool is hard not to love, but if you’re not careful, the heat can leave you feeling and looking like a mess when you should be enjoying yourself. One thing that the sun’s rays can have a devastating effect on is your skin, from drying your skin out to the point of flaking and cracking, leaving you with a nasty sunburn, or even make annoying acne pop up more often. To make sure that you can keep your skin survive the summer heat, 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens is here with some helpful summer skin care tips to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling smooth no matter how hot it gets. 


Get A Moisturizer With Sun Protection

Whether you spend most of the summer outside enjoying the sun or inside trying to stay cool, the heat is going to dry out your skin. While you sweat, your skin body is losing that moisture to try to keep you cool, but all of that moisture needs to be replenished. While moisturizing is an important part of any good skin care routine, it becomes even more important during the summer. Make sure you don’t just grab the cheapest moisturizer you can find either, since opting for a slightly higher price tag can get you one that has a bunch of other beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C and aloe vera. We also recommend finding one that has some sun protection, preventing skin damage from those harmful UV rays.


Go For The Cleanse & Exfoliate Combo

How is keeping your skin clean connected to the summer heat? Remember that over time, dead skin cells, dirt, and oils will build up on your skin and clog your pores. As your body heats up under the sun, your body’s natural rate of sweat and oil production ramps into high gear, which also amplified the build up in your pores. The result? Whiteheads, skin irritation, and a dirty, oily complexion that will leave you feeling uncomfortable while you’re just trying to enjoy your vacation. To prevent this, use a facial cleanser every day and don’t forget to exfoliate, washing away all of those oils, dead skin, and everything else so that your skin is healthy and soft.


Never Forget The Sunscreen!

It doesn’t take long for unprotected skin to be severely damaged by the sun. We’re not just talking about that stinging sunburn either. By leaving your skin unprotected, you’re increasing your risk of developing skin cancer, which a whole-body health issue versus just having great-looking skin. It’s recommended that you slather on that SPF 50 generously, giving your skin a protective layer against the blistering heat and helping it retains that ever-important moisture. Also remember to put some sunscreen on your scalp, since the heat can penetrate through your hair and dry out the exposed skin on your scalp, which will lead to your hair becoming dry and fragile too.


Treat Yourself With Some Professional Skin Care This Summer!

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens, we offer a full selection of premier salon and barbershop services, including refreshing skin care treatments that will leave you looking great and feeling even better, no matter how badly the heat has beaten you up. Just book your appointment with us for a relaxing and luxurious experience by giving us a call at 561-567-0088 or use our online booking system. Stay cool, take care of your skin, and see you in the salon this summer!