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Men's Hair Coloring Palm Beach Gardens

Hair coloring is a huge trend right now, but it can be confusing to find the right color or technique for you. In this article, we will break down the basics of men’s hair coloring including semi-permanent and permanent options to help you find the perfect solution. Men’s hair color trends are constantly changing and evolving with the times, so we understand it can be difficult to keep up.

Whether you want to keep your youthful look with a colorful head of hair, or you’re more on the side of accepting your greying hair as the new you, the men’s styling experts at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Palm Beach Gardens have put together this hair coloring for men guide to help you decide.

Taking Control Of Your Hair Color

There are two main solutions that you can pursue to combat grey hair. First is hair coloring, where a professional stylist like those here at 18|8 PBG will apply permanent color to your hair, leaving you with a head full of hair with no grey in sight.

Second, you can choose grey blending, which is similar to the idea of hair coloring, but instead leaves a small amount of grey hair behind for a unique contrast in color compared to your natural hair color. Grey blending allows more experimentation with styles that use your grey hair to make you look classy.


Men's Grey Blending


What To Know About Grey Blending

Embracing The Grey Style

Your hair going grey isn’t a bad thing at all unless you make it something bad in your own eyes. It is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about, so many men choose to embrace their greying hair. As long as you keep it cut and well-groomed, the grey hair will give you a more experienced look that true gentlemen would be proud to have. However, if grey hair isn’t the style for you right now, that’s perfectly fine too. There are several solutions such as permanent hair coloring that will help you maintain control over your personal style.

Can I Stop My Hair From Going Grey?

If you think going grey is a bad thing, trust us: nothing is more appealing than a man who wears his grey hair tastefully. Just ask George Clooney or Anderson Cooper! When your hair starts to grey, you and your personal style are going through a bit of a transition period, and it can be confusing. So if you’re wondering whether you can stop your hair from going grey. The simple answer is: No. Graying hair is a completely natural process where your hair starts to lose its melanin, which gives it its color. There’s no way to even slow it down, but there are other solutions out there that can help and we’re here to help you manage.

How Does Grey Blending Work?

If you’re making the transition from colored to grey, you have to be careful about the final color tone achieved. This means ensuring your stylist understands blending for dark shades and that their skills are up to scratch for creating a stylish look.

Grey blending is different from your normal permanent hair coloring since it doesn’t completely cover all the grey, but instead, goes for a style that perfectly blends the perfect ratio of the grey with your natural hair color to create an optimal look. Using a semi-permanent dye, the color is applied to your hair, leaving a small amount of grey behind for a subtle grey color that shows through ever so slightly. The hair dye gradually fades, and does not show any noticeable signs of coloring work being done. The other added benefit of grey blending is that it only takes a matter of minutes, so you can schedule a quick appointment at 18|8 and you’ll have the exact style you want in no time.


Men's Hair Coloring Palm Beach Gardens


What is Permanent Hair Coloring?

Permanent hair color is a chemical process that permanently alters the natural color of the hair by penetrating the strands of hair and adding pigment. This means that the color will not fade or wash out, even after multiple shampoos. It is also known as hair dyeing, or simply dying. The process is best done by a professional in a salon who is experienced with men’s hair coloring techniques. Permanent hair dye is used for many different reasons including covering grey hairs, making an interesting fashion statement, changing one’s natural color, updating your current hairstyle and more. It can be done with a wide variety of colors and shades, depending on the desired effect.

How To Pick The Perfect Shade For You

Choosing the right hair color is one of the most important decisions you can make. It can change your entire appearance, and it can make you look younger or older. However, choosing the right hair color for you isn’t always easy.

The best hair color for men is a matter of personal preference. It’s not about what the most popular hair colors are, but what color suits you best. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right shade for you: your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. You also need to consider if you want your new hair color to be natural-looking or bold and daring. The climate your hair will be exposed to can also influence your color choice. For example, if you work outdoors, a darker shade of brown might be easier to maintain and look vibrant. If your job is indoors, you may want a lighter shade and it’s more likely that fading will occur from time to time.

Overall, there are a number of different shades available for men to choose from, depending on the time of year and the latest trends. Some hair colors look great on all skin tones, while others are better suited for certain skin tones. Generally speaking, cool blonde or golden blonde colors work well for fair skin tones. For darker skin, the best choice relies heavily on your undertones (cool brown, ashy, chestnut or chocolate) but usually one of those colors will suit you well.

Some men find that hair color can be difficult to choose from, so if you’re not sure you’re not alone. Our professional Palm Beach Gardens stylists are here to help you find your perfect hair color. They count with years of experience in men’s hair coloring and would be happy to advise you on the different shades and techniques that may work for your hair type and desired style. Contact our men’s hair salon to schedule a hair coloring consultation today!

Taking Care of Permanent Color To Ensure Long-Term Results

Permanent hair color is the most popular way to color one’s hair, but it can be a little tricky to maintain. So we have put together some useful tips and tricks on how to maintain your dyed hair color as it is not just about the hair color, but also the quality of your hair.

The most important piece of information for men to know regarding their permanent color is that the scalp needs to be conditioned after every wash. This is because your hair follicles receive their natural oils from the scalp, and without them, the color fades quickly. In order to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, add a conditioner of natural oils in with your shampoo and conditioner. Examples of natural oils that are good for the scalp include jojoba, avocado, or argan oil. Or choose a shampoo/conditioner that’s designed for colored-treated hair in order to maintain your new color for as long as possible. Your hair stylist will be able to provide recommendations on which products will work best for your hair type and new hair color. You should also avoid washing your hair too often. This can strip away natural oils that help keep the color vibrant and your scalp healthy. Showering with really hot water can also make the color fade faster so consider using lukewarm water instead and do a final rinse with cold water if possible. The cold temperature will seal the ends and help preserve the color.

Lastly, you should be prepared to take the time to have regular professional color treatments in order to keep the color vibrant. Keep in mind, if your coverage is more on the opaque side, you’ll need retouching more often on the new hair growth. The more translucent or blended it is, the longer you can wait in between treatments. Don’t let too much time pass in between your appointments in order to prevent the color from fading or turning brassy. Generally, permanent men’s hair color needs retouching every four to eight weeks depending on the contrast between your natural hair color and new color. But don’t worry, during your first coloring appointment your stylist will also advise you on when to come in for your next treatment to ensure your hair color stays looking its best.


Men's Highlights


What about Highlights?

Highlights and lowlights are great for a man who wants low maintenance. They can be a great way to add some color and vibrancy to your hair and make hair that looks flat look full with color and texture. In addition, highlights and lowlights can help to give hair some shape and volume. You can also choose between subtle or more pronounced highlights to customize the look to fit your personality.

There are a few things you need to know before you go ahead and get highlights done. First, make sure that your hair is healthy and free of damage. Second, be sure to consult with a hair color specialist for help choosing the right highlights for you, our stylists at 18|8 Palm Beach Gardens can help create a look that perfectly accentuates your natural features. And finally, make sure to use good quality hair products for washing/conditioning your hair in between salon visits in order to keep your highlights looking their best.

When choosing colors for men’s highlights, it is important to keep in mind two things: what type of tone your hair is naturally; and what type of style you want your highlights to complement. For example, if you have light brown hair or dark blonde hair and want a golden highlight color, choosing a gold color will give your hair a natural and radiant look. If you want to maintain that golden color even after the highlights fade, it’s important that your hair is naturally light brown so as not to create a noticeable contrast between the highlights and your hair color. If you have dark brown hair and want to go platinum, that can look cool and give your hair a dramatic look. However, your hair will start showing regrowth in ~1 week and so the trade-off is more dramatic color against more frequent upkeep. If a little bit of upkeep doesn’t bother you, it can still be a great look. Otherwise, if your hair is naturally dark brown, you can choose to go with a light brown color instead for a more natural look that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Should I Get Gray Blending Or Hair Coloring?

This all depends on your own personal preference. If you want to keep the color in your hair for a while longer for that youthful look, then hair coloring is for you. If you want to embrace a look that’s a little more seasoned with that popular salt and pepper look, try out grey blending. If you’re still not sure, stop by your local PBG barbershop and talk to one of our stylists for some ideas and suggestions for what you can do with your style. The great thing about hair coloring or gray blending is that you can experiment and see what best fits your needs.

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